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I hope it's not wrong to write about my children like this - I've never really done it before but somehow they keep making me think. This happened at the beginning of the week. My group were chatting away to each other whilst making a group collage [Grayson Perry needn't worry] and I was really just watching and listening and occasionally poking my nose in [but trying to avoid any stupid teacher questions]. Gradually I became aware that one little boy was talking about hiding behind the settee to watch TV which little children weren't allowed to watch. Well you can't exactly ignore that so I started to probe a bit. To cut a long story short, this is what was happening.
He is five and he has two younger brothers and a younger sister. His Dad is studying abroad. Mummy gets the little ones ready for bed while he hides so that they don't realise he is getting one over on them. Then he and his mum watch TV together without the little ones bothering them. I said that must be lovely, and asked him what they watch.
'Harry Hill'
'Oh' I said 'You've Been Framed or TV Burp?'
When he had got over his amazement that I should know either of them he told me it was You've Been Framed - and I agreed that it was very funny, and thought how they must both look forward to half an hour on their own, having a good laugh!