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Just in case anyone thinks I actually spend ALL my time crying over revolutionary injustice, and I can see how you might get that impression sometimes, the mention of William Doyle (tell me quickly if there is another 'Doylist') got me thinking:

First I had to dislodge the powerful image of Mrs.Doyle urging Ted and Dougal to another cup of tea -because I do spend quite a bit of time watching TV - but I pushed her out of the window she was cleaning:

Then I remembered Norman Hampson's biography of Danton - I came across the two historians at the same time - and looked up this lovely quote from the pipe smoking, french speaking, paterfamilias which overcomes my instinctive dislike of homophobia with its bemused puzzlement:
'whose misconduct he said was due to his private vices, WHATEVER THAT MEANT' (my italics, caps and underline)

well you have to wonder don't you?

and I do remember many attempts to suggest other possibilities, all v. interesting and productive but still.....