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OCTOBER WINDOWOctober from my window: October’s almost over……a few good things….
'The Little Angel' puppet theatre is currently performing Macbeth for over twelves.  All the characters were birds; Macbeth, a cockerel; Duncan, a swan; Lady Macbeth [voiced by Helen McCrory], a hen in a white silk dress.  Taking 'If t'were done when t'were done, then t'were well t'were done quickly' as its motto, it galloped through the plot and was technically breath-taking. Other good October things included.......
Getting through Paul's birthday on the fifteenth, finding a poem to hang on his rose tree
(NOT a good thing was trying to comfort an inconsolable Jo in the pouring rain at the same time: she'd bought him a birthday card and couldn't bear to put it down (not because of the rain, because she wanted to give it to him). She strokes the tree every time, just as if it were Paul, and I find it almost unbearable)

Booking The White Devil and The Roaring Girl in the Jacobean season at the Swan (months away mind, I think I will book Arden of Faversham too, but.......expensive)

Finding and reading, the only Peter Wimsey I had somehow overlooked in my lifelong love of him

Catching up with Shehnaz and Sue.....paper dosas and masala chai - yum

Climbing a ladder to a bunk type cubicle with Sim and Andy for veg thali at the Bangalore in Waterloo

Beginning to decipher an interesting letter

Buying three VERY CHEAP new rugs to replace the ones adorned with several years’ worth of catspuke

Reading 'A Daughter's Love' about the relationship between Margaret and Thomas More

Demonstrating with thousands of London teachers against (amongst other things) the ludicrous idea that we should still be teaching at 68! (just imagine!)

Meeting Tahira's third daughter, fourth child, Malaika [it means 'angel'] - too adorable!

The Arsenal going top of the premier league after being booed off the pitch in their opening game

The glowing portraits in the Vienna: Facing the Modern exhibition at the National Gallery, but then, SERENDIPITOUSLY discovering a tiny exhibition at Canada House, just opposite, called  'Inuit Allumi',  with about twelve modern Inuit artworks and eight small stone sculptures  - fantastic!

Letting Teresa read my bereavement blog and finding that she understood perfectly