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november November from my window  ~ Yay things are still ok; it seems to have been a month for rediscovering  the cinema; having never been to the pictures on my own I have now been three times: Nosferatu [Klaus Kinski not Murnau]; les Yeux sans Visage and then last week, in an audience of FOUR [yes FOUR!] Gravity which for my money was the scariest of the lot!                                                                           Discovering a lovely second hand bookshop called Camilla's, in Eastbourne [only really there to visit the Towner Gallery] and finding a translation of Manon Roland's memoirs. Certainly far from likeable but soooo interesting because of being written in medias res.                                                                                                                                                                                  Rodney and Jo won a dressage competition! I think it was only intermediate level, but first out of ten ~ he is such a good boy!      The recorder teacher at school plays in a consort called [I think] I Flautisti; they came along, with tenors and trebles and bass and descant and gave a concert for the children; their little faces were an absolute study! mostly early stuff, Vivaldi, Scarlatti, but then they played something modern, written specially for them, lots of banging and blowing down dismantled recorders ~ what I call cacophonous!!!!                                                                                                                                                                              First Christmas fair of the season:                                                                                                                                                          Joanna came round and experimented with cooking the Christmas dinner in our oven. Paul always did it and she has decided to take over. Her oven is electric, ours is gas so although she has it cracked chez-elle there were a few pitfalls to be sorted chez-moi; basically successful but we think we won't risk the walk to St Pauls while it cooks. this year we'll go earlier and cook when we come back. I think we are both quite glad not to do things EXACTLY the same as usual although Jo did look a bit disappointed when I said I wasnt going to decorate the landing this year.                                                                                                                        Just back from an aromatherapy facial and long overdue waxing; I was beginning to look alarmingly like Gimli in the eyebrows and moustache department!!!