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I've just spent a few days with my friend Teresa, in Aberystwyth of all places. It's been almost wiped out through wind, floods and high tides in the last three weeks and Teresa's house is practically on the seafront but there was in inexplicable lull in the elements while I was there. It was her university town, that's why she came back, so we went and pottered round the old building right on the sea front. All the old lecture rooms are at the very top, up twisting spiral  staircases (engrenages!) and the library has been denuded of books, the oddest thing ever! We spent most our time walking the dogs, Cass is a border collie, Olly, her baby, a BC cross Lurcher and they can run for ever. Dogs are too needy for me long term, I was very glad to see Mog and Pippi when I got back, but it was a lovely recuperative and restorative visit.
I've set myself the task of improving Jo's awareness of classic (my view) film; la belle et la bête ; the wicker man; night of the hunter and Derek Jarman's Tempest so far. Really I'm just taking advantage of her limitless patience to keep me company, but who cares?
January is my least favourite month, but this has been peaceful and unaccustomedly calm; Paris in March but only Odeon for the statue, no Cordelier stuff this time.
Necklace of Raindrops by Joan Aiken, one of the best stories ever for getting reluctant readers and writers to read and write.