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Lares and sash cords

We've had a broken sash cord since well before Paul died and today was the day appointed for the builders to come and fix it. It's a horribly difficult job and we (well that's I now) put it off and put it off.
Had to incarcerate Pippi (Mog incarcerates herself voluntarily when strangers arrive) and then discovered that one builder was an apprentice and the sash mechanism difficult. Once they had removed the entire frame, leaving a gaping hole where the window should be, I began a silent panic attack which worsened as they began to bicker about how to fix it best. Anyway it's done now, I can open the window again and the builders were kind and considerate; but I remember the bit in the Aeneid when the Greeks tip out and destroy the household gods of the Trojans and I realize that having the window frame removed had the same effect on me. The windows are my household gods!
It can be seen from this entry that I am not amongst the property owning and improving set lol.