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Pippi eats flies. I know that's disgusting but I don't have mice. She runs after them ever so sweetly, clapping her paws in the air until she catches them and then snaffling them up as fast as possible ~ yuk.
Anyway I've stopped caring about the flies but of course I daren't let her chase wasps (danger of death and extortionate vet bills) so I check out anything that appears to be buzzing. If it's a wasp I catch it in a glass and throw it out of the window telling it not to come straight back or it will be squashed.
At the weekend I heard buzzing and saw Pip peering at a dark corner by one of the bookshelves with that intent look of a cat by a mousehole. I went over to check.
It was only a fly BUT it was caught in a spider's web, buzzing and struggling. Oh it was awful ~ I knew I really couldn't free it (poor spider no dinner, poor fly just freed to be eaten by the monstrous Pip) but even as I decided all that I looked again. The spider was making its way down a thread towards the fly as fast as it could, it's the struggling that shakes the web isn't it, it alerts them to dinner.
I was so shaken I had to go and tell my sister about it lol and when I got back, brave enough to go and look the fly was all wrapped up EXACTLY like Frodo in Shelob's lair.
But there was no Samwise in that fly's story.