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And so I became a music hall joke...

To get to Aberystwyth, even from London, you have to change trains at Birmingham. So I was safely tucked away on my Virgin train, ready to make said connection when everything started to go wrong. Signal failure, breakdown (theirs not mine, I was in no rush) and possibly something worse, resulted in nobody knowing where we were going except that it was impossible for any train to go to Birmingham. Plenty to read, loos, sandwiches, I cared not (neither did I spin). We were eventually disgorged at Crewe, hopped on to Shrewsbury, and thence caught the train (there's one every two hours, magnificent service) to Aber.
It was only then that I realized I had actually BECOME a music hall joke ~ I was that woman ~ I wanted to go to Birmingham but they carried me on to Crewe!
this YouTube video has a tiny clip of Marie Lloyd singing it, plus a bit more of Michael Grade talking about the opportunities the railway offered for smutty innuendo (surely not!) pointless really but it was all I could find ~ sorry :)