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I posted on photofile recently about how re-homing centres say they are being left with lots and lots of little black kittens which people don't want, supposedly because they don't come out well in all the eternal photos they like to post all over everywhere. It wasn't really the place to mention this but a couple of years ago, when Paul was still alive, we found ourselves in the sad position of needing a replacement kitten, that's how we got Pippi. Unusually there was no one around with a litter to home, so I phoned a couple of rescue centres, then several more, finally, I had to accept that I was not a suitable cat owner, despite nearly twenty five years of cat keeping. I would have had any colour, sex or non breed. But we live in a flat, without access to a garden and they don't re-home to flat dwellers.For the first time in my life I had to buy a cat (off gumtree since you ask) and so the £50 monster Pippi entered our lives. She doesn't seem to mind no garden, but it's true she rushes down the stairs to meet anyone coming up, and likes to sit by my geraniums on the landing lol.