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Referendum reflections

I don't really think that separatism is a genuine way forward. I'm viscerally attached to eu membership regardless of its flaws but my heart bleeds today for all those Scots who so wanted independence. I wanted the NO campaign to win; I mean you can go on splitting ad infinitum can't you? Separate London, Glasgow, the North East, Highlands and Islands, all only concerned for 'our own'~ it's not truly viable.
However when you saw the way the banks, businesses, insurance companies, armed forces all ganged up on them the very minute there seemed to be the slightest chance that the YES campaign might take the lead, all I could think of was THIS IS HOW IT ALWAYS GOES WHEN YOU TRY TO ACHIEVE ANYTHING REVOLUTIONARY. So now although I think the result was the right one, I feel compromised and mean spirited.
There is a marvellous thing though ~ the turnout in our apathetic, couldn't care less country was 85%!!! I wonder if they'll ever vote again. Apparently it's the highest turnout since 1951 ~ but I have a horrible feeling that could be the election when they threw out Clement Attlee, founder of the NHS. Must google to check ~ that's quite enough politics for this journal lol.
Eta yeah I was right, that's the election, urged on by George VI, which resulted in the return to power of a Churchill led Tory government: but oddly, leafing through the LRB, I discovered a limerick Attlee had written about himself and sent to his brother in 1956:
Few thought he was even a starter
There were many who thought themselves smarter
But he ended PM
CH and Om
An earl,and a knight of the garter

Course he was an old Etonian, no need to write poetry