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Paul's dad was a miner (face worker in Maltby actually).Last night I went to see Pride. I never take much notice of hype (it's been well hyped) and my heart is all too often resistant to being warmed or having its strings tugged at.
Wrong again. Every performance is standout. The music, the eighties scene, the Aids ads, Dominic West dancing (he might make a Danton) Ben Schnetzer as Mark Ashton, Imelda Staunton, and the woman who played Steph and the woman who played Sian, stop now I loved it. A fantastic film with great performances albeit terribly depressing when you consider that while lgbt issues have made some progress in the intervening years, the mining communities, their unions and their traditions have been completely eradicated, exactly as Thatcher and her cohorts planned. A little assistance from war mongering in the Falkland Islands (Malvinas, if you prefer), resulted in an as yet irreversible lurch to the right by the Labour Party, and the total disenfranchising of the UK working class.