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I hate UKIP!! (More than I can say)

So they won a by-election at last. Now comes the clamour for all the mainstream political parties to exhibit their 'understanding' of the 'electorate's worries' and be more like UKIP.
None of those people who vote for them are being damaged by immigration other than by the fact that they experience some discomfort around people who don't look like them or speak like them. The bigoted papers they read (Mail, Express, Telegraph plus all the Murdoch tripe) print invented stories about Euro regulations (straight bananas, straight cucumbers ~ funny they don't want straight fruit cos they do want everyone else to be straight) and they lap it up.
Nigel Farrage, always pictured in a pub because you won't find a Muslim there, always puffing on a fag to display his contempt for 'health and safety', suggests that the NHS will be fine if we stop 'foreigners' using it. There'll be no one to run it!
We need to speak out for compassion and empathy; for the attempt to be interested in otherness not scared or contemptuous of it. Nigel Farrage and his wretched little party represent the triumph of petty minded self interest and fear masquerading as 'down to earth tell it like it is-ness'
Just off to lie down in a darkened room for a while before Pilates lol.

ETA it's Sunday and Farage is on TV ~ don't think much of his clearly carefully chosen bookshelf either! Who's Who, ENGLISH dictionary, some species of Bible, a droopy bird (quite sweet actually)and about ten unidentifiable oddments
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