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It was Andy's birthday at the weekend, I think he or Sim must have remembered that Paul's was a couple of days before because they came up to London and co-opted me into two days of feasting and fun. That's actually a day too much for me nowadays but never mind.
A boat trip down to Woolwich, Andy can name every quay or dock along the Thames IN THE CORRECT ORDER! Then back to Embankment pier and my first ever visit to the Banqueting House; the Rubens ceilings are the only things there really, barring the joy for three regicide sympathisers of CI's place of execution, and they have thoughtfully placed a large number of oversized leather beanbags around the hall so you can lie down and look at them. Not really to my taste but Sim is a Jacobean expert so.....oh and also when Whitehall Palace was burning down Christopher Wren blew up the next door building to save the Banqueting House, we must hope no one was still in it.
Finally, on Sunday, the Gothic Imagination at the British Library. I've put The Monk on my kindle. 'and what a breast it was!' ~ genuine quote!
Nice weekend ~ also I think I'm playing scrabble with an arms dealer ~ surely not!