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Not moaning today!!

I do seem to spend a lot of time in this journal moaning and being sad - I'm not really like this day to day I don't think - so here's some unadulterated joy. Number one - my little cat is absolutely back on wicked form! No more worries there. At work, I rarely get the chance to class teach but yesterday I filled in for a sick colleague and took his Year 4 class.We had a lovely time all day, but two things especially; I read them a story about why reindeer are allowed to fly once a year on Christmas Eve and about halfway through, when I had told them about Santa Claus/ Saint Nicholas I suddenly realised that 25 little faces were staring in rapt attention at the pictures and the story - and at the end thay all clapped. At the end of the day we watched 10 minutes of The Snow Queen after some comprehension on The Little Match Girl. Best of all today I was back with them, supporting my EAL children, and a little boy on the autistic spectrum looked at me and said 'What's your name?' so I told him and he said ' I wanna watch The Snow Queen again' I will try to stop moaning.