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We should stop glorifying Oxbridge!

Yet again we are discussing the subject of the appalling lack of diversity in Oxford college intakes all over the uk news media.
I really can’t be bothered to join in, you only have to look to see it’s true.
Nevertheless a very rare thing happened a few months ago when I saw David Willetts (a grisly Tory ex mp now peer) present an interesting chart (he won geek of the week on Peston on Sunday). It demonstrated that we are the only country in Western Europe who failed to expand the number of prestigious universities from the time of the reformation onwards. Most European countries have well established, popular universities in a variety of towns. We still only have Oxbridge, maybe with London snapping at their heels.
We’ve been a class ridden society for hundreds of years, the elite have been making sure they stay that way regardless of the damage does to the country ~ good luck with trying to change that.
I think the chart can be found on Peston's twitter feed( whatever that may be)